Each container is an individual solution – tailored to the required needs. MAC Energy has a very high range of vertical production for the containers. Behind the high-quality container technology is a first-class plant and steel structure. Engineering “Made in Germany”.

In principle, structure and modules are carefully calibrated to each other in the configuration phase. All production steps in the realization of the special container are carried out by competent, trained German personnel – from the steel construction via the assembly, electronics, heating and ventilation.


In general, the unit is built to the German and European high quality standards. MAC Energy is ISO certified and implements the standards of DIN EN ISO 9001.

Since the special containers are delivered all over the world, also other standards, such as the Canadian Standard or the UL Standard (USA) can be realized. MAC Energy is a certified welding company according to the Wasser-Haushaltsgesetz (WHG ยง 19 – Act of water economy), i.e. all containers are equipped with an oil-tight pan and are also approved for water protection areas.

Special containers for plants and generators areas.

The features:

  • The special products will be statically calculated and constructed in 3-D by using the latest methods
  • Fully welded steel construction
  • The special containers are constructed individually according to the requirements for example with a length of 15 meters, a width and a height of 3.20 meters and a weight of the whole plant up to 40 tons
  • Optimized sound and heat insulation
  • As a standard, the container floor is designed as an oil drip pan
  • Resistant to corrosion by professional multi-layer coating
  • Installation friendly design with integrated crane rails

The Advantages:

  • All container sizes are feasible
  • Easy Handling
  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Reduced installation work on site
  • Can be dismounted
  • Suitable for extreme conditions such as the Arctic, tropical environment

Fields of Application

  • As housing for mobile CHPs and EPSs
  • As goods and materials storage
  • As reasonable cost building extensions on company premises
  • As office buildings
  • For heating water and steam generation or refrigeration
  • For battery or cell storage
  • For switchgear or desert

Versatile and Safe

  • Each MAC Energy container is sturdy, vibration-free and torsional rigid, thereby, the foundation can usually be significantly reduced
  • The interior is exactly matched to the climatic conditions and the intended use
  • The wall insulation is individually implemented in accordance with the requirements of the container, thereby the noise levels at 10m distance can be lowered to 55 dB (A);, if required even lower emissions can be achieved
  • The specific customized designs are particularly easy to install
  • The systems can be unobtrusively integrated into the environment
  • All components installed by MAC Energy meet high quality standards and are designed for long life
  • With an optimized layout all internal fixtures can easily be reached, which also makes maintenance and servicing easy
  • Thanks to special inspection openings, mechanically detachable modules and components after a long-term continuous operation even a major conversion is not a problemfe

Cooling and Heating Plants and Emergency Power Systems

Within the proximity to Cooling and Heating Plants (CHP) and Emergency Power Systems (EPS), there is often a need for further units. So EPSs are often supplemented by storage batteries or fuel cells. The waste heat from CHP units can also be put to good use in steam generators. These and other systems can be cost-effectively accommodated in their own special container with little effort. The containers are completely assembled at company headquarters in Crailsheim and only need to be set up on site.

  • Cost-effective complement to existing plants
  • Easy expansion for a plant instead of a new building
  • Suitable for use as housing for CHPs and EPSs
  • Suitable for use in the Arctic, in the tropics or in the desert
  • High flexibility Systems

Switchgear and Steam Generators

With help of the special containers of MAC Energy e.g. Cooling and Heating Plants (CHP) can be easily added. The especially for outdoor use constructed containers are suitable to accommodate complex switchgear and steam generators in the immediate vicinity. Thus, for process heat the waste heat from the CHP plant can be put to good use. But also for separate switchgear special containers of MAC Energy are suitable.

  • Optimal design and assembly at the company headquarters in Crailsheim
  • Easy Installation and commissioning on site
  • Combinations of different uses in one container are possible
  • Low-cost alternative to a building
  • Accommodation of switchgear, battery and storing cell
  • Accommodation of hot water, steam or cooling generators