Emergency Power System (EPS)

Nowadays, electric current ensures the basic needs of daily comfort. To ensure this comfort, Emergency Power Systems of MAC Energy are used everywhere, where independent power supply or emergency power are indispensable: In hospitals, data centers, airports, shopping centers and many other application areas. MAC Energy offers customized solutions in various versions and applications – depending on customer needs. The long experience guarantees highest quality standards and the necessary know-how to implement all required statutory provisions.


From planning to service

In close collaboration with the customer and the planning and architectural office MAC Energy creates in advance detailed installation plans in 2-D and 3-D. This allows for the early planning of individually demands of the customer. The design is realized according to the specifications, tenders, legal requirements and technical feasibility. All components are assembled in our manufacturing facility in Crailsheim – either on unit base frames for installation in existing buildings or as a complete system in a special container.

All units are tested for function and performance with a test stand at the factory test run. In accordance with the rules and regulations a full documentation of proof of performance is done.

High-quality Control Technology

In order to ensure reliable and stable operation of the power system, only components are used which have been proven for many years. Different types of control and functions are offered. Emergency Power Systems of MAC Energy are fully automatic and self-monitoring and provide a reliable energy supply in an emergency. All operating states are signaled by means of potential-free contacts, displays and / or bus systems. The electrical interfaces are defined in close coordination with subsequent trades. As in the entire project, special requests can also be realized here.

All control systems comply with the latest technology and are equipped with all the necessary tests and markings. A detailed training and instruction of the operating personnel is self-evident.

Fields of Application

Emergency Power Systems of MAC Energy can easily be integrated into any existing building structure. The many years of experience and expertise ensure reliable and smooth operation.

MAC-Energy offers:

  • Detailed planning, complete installation and commissioning
  • Implementation of special soundproofing requirements
  • Maintenance and service by our own technicians
  • To provide customized systems MAC Energy joins forces exclusively with reputable engine manufacturers.

Emergency Power Systems of MAC Energy are also available as a complete container systems. They are the simple possibility of an independent and reliable power supply. They are characterized by many features:

  • Compact design
  • Optimized noise insulation, with or without sound enclosures
  • All components are mounted ready for operation
  • Extensive test run of the unit at the factory with documentation of the performance record
  • Emergency power systems in special containers are easy to transport and can be used virtually anywhere – they are also suitable for use in the desert


All units of MAC Energy are entirely manufactured, extensively tested and the performance records documented at the plant in Crailsheim. Own personnel – trained in house – ensure on-time and defect-free completion of the unit. Hereby, installation and time schedules are exactly matched.

The service characterizes MAC Energy:

  • Installation and maintenance by our own competent personnel
  • Insurance of quality and availability
  • Support with building code inspections
  • Training of Operation personnel
  • The maintenance of power systems is carried out through an in-house service team nationwide and by a network of specialists worldwide.